Shed Build

Shed/Workshop/Structure Builds

The finished Big Red Shed!

I just finished building a big red shed in my backyard! I had to clear the area of blackberries, rebuild part of a retaining wall and build another retaining wall from scratch before I could even start building the structure. Apart from switching the design to have skylights instead a storage space in the attic it was built pretty much to plan. It took around 500 hours of work with about 350 of that being for the retaining walls and the structure itself. This was spread out over a year of weekends and nights after work. The next step is to build some workbenches, some storage and wire it up with power!

I bought a GoPro to document the progress that I'm making on building the Big Red Shed and I've been posting updates to YouTube. The full set of videos can be found here. This video makes the result of all of my hard labor seem a lot easier than it was: 

The timelapse video that compresses 350 hours of work into about 2 minutes. A longer 7 minute version of the time lapse can be found here

Below is a gallery of pictures detailing the build of the shed and a couple of other structures that I've built. Apart from a couple of new screws that we bought the entirety of the chicken coop was made from reused materials. The aluminum can roof that I made for it was definitely not the best idea. It took forever but worked decently well. Buying a pack of shingles would have been much more efficient but less memorable.