Shed Build

Shed/Workshop/Structure Builds

The In Progress Big Red Shed. 

The In Progress Big Red Shed. 

I'm currently building a shed/workshop area in my back yard. I've had to rebuild part of a retaining wall and built another retaining wall from scratch before I could even start building the structure. I'm currently framing out the roof of the shed and I'm switching from having a storage space in the attic of the shed to skylights. Apart from a couple of new screws that we bought the entirety of the chicken coop was made from reused materials. The aluminum can roof that I made for it was definitely not the best idea. It took forever but worked decently well. Buying a pack of shingles would have been much more efficient but less memorable. 

I bought a GoPro to document the progress that I'm making on building the Shed/Workshop and I've been posting updates to YouTube. The full set of videos can be found here. Over thanksgiving this year I stayed home and got a ton of work done on it with my awesome girlfriends help. This video makes the result of that week of pretty hard labor seem a lot easier than it was: 

When the shed is actually finished I'm hoping the final time lapse video should be pretty epic.