I'm Adam I. I am the youngest of five kids and currently live in Seattle. I love making things and I am constantly striving to learn how more things work. 

Live from the stage/my workspace

Adam Iseman

I majored in Electrical Engineering for both my undergrad degree at Columbia University and my masters degree at University of Washington. I decided on Electrical Engineering after taking both the electrical and mechanical engineering intro classes my freshman year. The great professor David Vallancourt made the choice simple for me. The delineation between EE and MechE in my professional life has been a lot less clear and I like how much I've learned because of it. I had this senior profile written about me while I was at Columbia. 

I've always been interested in robotics and how things work. I think this is partly due to the awesome teachers that I had in my math and science classes during high school and my love of science fiction. Some of the more high tech projects that I've worked on can be found here

In addition to my day to day engineering work I am constantly working on the house that I bought as a fixer upper and making different things in my spare bedroom/workshop. When all of my friends started getting married I decided that the wedding gifts I give out should be homemade.  As my woodworking skills have improved I've started making a lot of birthday and Christmas presents too. Some of these more low tech projects are detailed here

I've been extremely fortunate and in order to pass on some of the good fortune that I've received I started the Iseman Foundation. It will hopefully help to get some students at my old high school interested in pursuing their passions. Details on the Iseman Foundation can be found here