Other High Tech Projects

After completing the Columbia Swarm as my undergraduate senior project I modified the robots that I built for two classes at UW, Embedded Systems and Smartphone Programming. I also got to design and mentor a group of engineers to build a very similar robotic platform as a career enrichment opportunity. Pictures of the modified robots are shown below: 

Project Documentation

We produced a very detailed report for the embedded systems class that details the different aspects of the RFID enabled Grunt. It can be found here

We made a presentation that highlighted the smartphone control Grunts and it can be found here

A paper I wrote on a MEM's based pH sensor can be found here

A paper I worked with a group on that details the theoretical construction of a MEM's based logic device can be found here

I've always been quite interested in robotics and this helped me greatly in my career. I wrote a bit about my journey in robotics on the Iseman Foundation website and examples of even earlier robots I made are highlighted there. Check that out here